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Tanks! Update: Fire Support Class!


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    1. New Class: Fire Support!
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Tanks! Update

New Class: Fire Support!

So finally, after a day or two, the fire support class is done!
And the basic gameplay I want for this game is done.
It may be unbalanced so please leave your opinions below.

Class Introduction

Fire Support class is a weird looking truck with a quad rocket launcher equipped on it, the rockets is able to seek its targets and thrive a killing spree.
It’s firing mechanic is very different from the original tank, being able to charge up shots passively and release at your disposal. You can choose to give your enemy a sustained danger or wait until the perfect opportunity to launch the foe to the sky.
Also, with the extra armor the class provide, you can survive longer than your foe to deliver that killing blow.

Other Things

That’s mostly it for the update, there may be other tweaks I’ve done in order to get the class working.
For example, make it that if the normal tank shell does not hit anything for 2 seconds, it explodes instead of disappearing into thin air.

Also, I won’t be caring too much on this game now, as there are other things I am interested in doing.
If you want to see something in the game you can contact me via email, leave a comment, etc.
Or also you can ask me for the source code, I would be ok to give it away. Just don’t be surprised by how awfully stylish it is. The tutorial isn’t really to my style.

And that’s it,
Tianyu Qi
Good Luck!
b( ̄▽ ̄)d

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