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Tanks! Update: New Class!


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Tanks! Update

New Class: Self Propulsionist!

This is a spaceship like class that has a shock wave generator built on the back of its center crystal.
You can press and hold fire to charge up the crystal, but then it will enter a cooldown state that is the same as the time you charge the generator.
The longer you charge, the bigger the radius, damage, and force is for the generator, but you are immune to the damage done.
The shock wave is released a bit lower so that upon impact you will be also send into the air, be prepared.
Also, the shock wave, at its full capacity, is able to launch you out of the stage, so you will be reseted to your spawn if you happen to do so.
The approach to using the shock wave is to firstly get closely to your opponent without them realise, and then stick your tail on them and give them a full blast! Dealing 150 damage whereas the normal tank has only 100 health.
But also be careful! You only have 75 health so the opponent can easily kill you with a not so accurate shot.

Other Updates

The border, instead of an invisible wall, is now a trigger that will send you back to your spawn point when you exit the play area.
The invisible border at the sides of the terrain is reduced.
A new, brown plane now appears at the sides of the terrain to notice the end of the play area.
The tank’s design is tweaked a bit so that it can go up small obstacles now.
The nametag’s script is now enhanced so it will display at a right angle.
The cooldown bar is now static around the player instead of rotating with the player.
And some other minor fixes and things I could not think of now.


So, uhh, I haven’t really done any type of play testing since I do not have my mind split in half and I haven’t done online multiplayer and probably will never do so.
And the balance is still unknown, so it you find if the new class is too op or underpowered let me know by commenting.

Tianyu Qi
Good Luck

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